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Arroyo West Active Learning Academy (AWALA) is dedicated to growing active thinkers, and lifelong readers and writers. With a school-wide literacy based focus, AWALA is building an active learning environment that has high expectations for all in a caring and compassionate environment. Students learn through engaging and meaningful work that is differentiated to their individual needs, making learning accessible for all students. Our students study all content areas with a reading and writing focus, developing inquiry projects that bring writing and reading in to Science, Math and Social Studies. Our school is committed to teaching the Common Core State Standards, and are confident that students at AWALA are well prepared for the changes in expectations in the classroom.

Guiding Principles

We believe that:

Learning should be rigorous and authentic.

Students learn best when engaged in active learning experiences.

Students should be encouraged to question and seek truth, information and knowledge.

Students should be active participants in their learning.

Learning is optimized and students thrive in a safe and supportive environment.Parental involvement and support enhances the AWALA learning community.